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'Still My Heart Believes' - Merrill Sings Cara Marie's Lyrics

The Darlene Marie Thompson Scleroderma Benefit Fund





A Butterfly's Song

A Butterfly's Song: Watching Mama Fly Away is the captivating story of the author's Mother's battle with one of the worlds least understood diseases. It is also the touching account of a daughter's extraordinary and exemplary love and deep devotion toward her mother during her dying years.

      The sacred act of caring for her loved one over a three-and-one-half year period gifted to this author the visible work of the hands of God, through healing this mother daughter relationship and through blessing the author with an inconceivably miraculous WALK INTO HEAVEN. That journey occurred right alongside her mother at the exact time of her passing.

      "Near Death" Research Pioneer and Author; Dr. Raymond Moody, calls this phenomenon the "Shared Death Experience" and this author's glimpse of her mother's transition occurred on an airplane flying over Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Due to multiple interruptions of flight schedules, the author had been prevented several times from reaching her mother before her actual moment of death.

      This is a heartwarming, brilliant and very compelling portrait of the love between a mother and daughter, and of what awaits us all on the "Other Side."


Reach Author Cara Marie at; abutterflyssong@gmail.com



      In the early spring Months of 2005, my Angel Mother - the most gracious and selfless women I have ever known - was diagnosed with one of the rarest diseases known to the modern medical field and to mankind.


      It's victims are overtaken by autoimmune deficiency. Slowly, almost undetecably, but with a grotesquely gruesome grip, the collagen of the body overproduces to such insidious excesses that it gradually hardens and deforms every organ of the entire body. It hardens first the skin and then begins to deform the hands, fingers, toes and feet. Eventually it hardens and deforms the mouth, nose, tongue, esophagus and face of all it's helpless captives. And finally, it hardens the inner organs, eventually wearing out the heart and lungs and shutting down the entire body.

      PULMONARY ARTERIAL HYPERTENSIVE SCLERODERMA is an unbearably brutal force with which to reckon... But my mother did it, with unbelieable style, patience and a Godlike grace.                                 - Author Cara Marie



"Deeply Moving.
Absolutely Sensational!"

- Heather Osmond

Daughter of Merrill Osmond
Lead Singer, 1970's Osmond Brothers



Only One King

"I can't see Him,
But there are times I can feel His presence. Sometimes in the darkness,
I can see a ray of light."
~ Elvis Presley



Elvis Aaron Presley, a spiritual seeker throughout his entire lifetime, sought God via many corridors, including through the Latter Day Saints. On August 16, 1977, at the apex of that search, Presley - perhaps the greatest entertainer of all time - died. The world not only mourned, it groaned. But I withdrew into my my bedroom on the campus of Brigham Young University, for three days.

      On August 18, 1977 - while locked away in a private world of my own - I sought the light of heaven to assure my soul that Elvis had found his much needed resting place. In the arms of the Celestial King. It was the third day. "Oh Lord, My God..." I had entreated, vocally. This story reveals what the heavens told me then and why I now believe what I heard then is true.



Reach Author Cara Marie at; onlyonekingthejourneyhome@gmail.com


"Cara's story captures a truly sensitive journey while discovering the spirtual viewpoints of Elvis Aaron Presley. Elvis's walk with faith reveals the deep affections of his southern soul...toward God, toward spirtuality, and in particular, toward the Latter Day Saints! It is also a powerful essay on being a genuine disciple of Jesus Christ. A "Must Read" for spritual seekers and Elvis fans alike."

~ Merrill Osmond

Lead Singer of the Famed Osmond Brothers
Friend of Elvis


"As an Elvis tribute artist for decades, I've examined numerous books attempting to study Elvis's life. If I had to choose one book for premier insight into his being, it would be this one. Full of direct quotes from Elvis himself, it's an inspiring account."

~ Kerry Summers

International Elvis Tribute Artist
USO Tour Entertainer


"Cara's work Captures some of the most profound insights I've ever read about the spiritual journey we are all on in life together"

~ Bonnie Bruce

Friend to Elvis Presley's Step-Brother


"This story will definitely help others through the grieving process"

~ Peg Kallas

Aid to the Hearing Impaired


"Death is the last enemy,
And we will triumph.
We have nothing to fear,
God will take the last journey with us."
~ Elvis Presley

One Night With Elvis

"One Night With Elvis" for release on January 8th, 2014 — comes to you through Living Waters Press by Cara Marie just in time to commemorate the 37th anniversary celebrating the life of the indisputable 'king' of rock 'n roll.

      In this special live concert performance, Author Cara Marie's guests will take a 'musical voyage' through some of Presley's own repertoire with one of Elvis's very own megastar pop-singing peersMr. Merrill Osmondlead singer of the 1970s world renown Osmond Brothers.

      With his truly remarkable voice and unique interpretation of Presley tunes like 'Blue Suede Shoes, 'Return to Sender,' Suspicious Minds,' I Can't Stop Loving You,' and 'One Night With You,' Osmond takes Cara Marie's private audience on a very special reflective musical ride with the world's unmatched singing legend.

      Bonus features will also include moments with Presley's gospel music and his reflective side, via Osmond's rendition of songs such as 'Who Am I,' 'American Trilogy' and Presley's two-time Grammy Award Winning selection 'How Great Thou Art.'

      In addition, Osmond and Cara Marie pull their audience into a glimpse of Presley's southern born, mystical inner world through intimate conversations regarding the Osmond family's personal relationship with Elvis himself, enhanced by information gathered during a 35-year journey Cara Marie has taken coming to understand Presley's more spiritual side—also published in her recently released work entitled: "Only One King, The Journey Home: My Spiritual Walk With Elvis."

      In this evening of close-up entertainment, melodic performance and privately savored personal stories, look forward to a truly unrivaled, truly unforgettable "One Night With Elvis"—(Brought to You by Merrill Osmond and Author Cara Marie).

      Proceeds will benefit The Mountain of Youth, Corp.—a nonprofit for youth whose mission aligns with a commission given to Elvis Presley by President Jimmy Carter just before Presley's life unexpectedly ended in August of 1977. Proceeds will also benefit The Darlene Marie Thompson Scleroderma Benefit Fund for the Minnesota Scleroderma Foundation.



LISTEN  Merrill Osmond Sings Elvis

For More Information; onenightwithelvisbroughttoyou@gmail.com

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